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Which blogging site? There are many advantages to creating a blog. Blogging is easy to setup and does not require a web designer. It also allows you to advertise your business. You can also make money by advertising on your blog. You can use a variety of blogging sites to host your website. The choice is up to you, but keep in mind that WordPress and Weebly are the most popular.


Weebly Dashboard - Now You Know Which Blogging Site to Choose :)
Weebly Dashboard

When you use Weebly to build your eCommerce website, you’ll have all of the necessary tools for selling products online. This includes a shopping cart that features SSL encryption, all of the major payment methods, and a feature to highlight featured products and sales. There are even options to optimize your products for search. Weebly also offers automated tax rates and shipping calculators. You can even include URLs for your products so that your customers can easily access them on the website.

One of the biggest benefits of Weebly is its SEO capabilities. You can use custom URLs, title tags, and meta-descriptions to improve search engine rankings. It’s also possible to add 301 redirects, which prevent broken links when a page’s URL changes. This prevents 404 pages from occurring, which is something Google doesn’t like. Additionally, Weebly compresses images, which improves the speed of your site.

The Weebly editor has a straightforward interface. You can add content, modify the layout, and change the elements from the left menu. You can also add images to your site, or use free image sites. The Weebly editor also allows you to add products to your website. Just remember to include product images, product descriptions, pricing, and any other information that will make it easier for your customers to purchase.

Another important feature of Weebly is its ability to integrate with hundreds of third-party apps. You can integrate your website with Google Ads, Eventbrite, and Shipstation, and more. You can also use the Weebly mobile app to manage multiple sites at once. With this, you can access your website even if you’re offline.

Weebly’s templates automatically look good on different devices, and you can customize them to your specifications to the last pixel. However, we found that Wix offers an even wider range of templates and a more flexible editor. Another cool feature of Weebly is that you can access the source code for each template.

The Weebly editor is easy to use. Once you’ve selected your theme, you can customize it using drag and drop. You can even assign other editors to work on certain aspects of your website. Moreover, you can open certain areas of your website for members only.


Wordpress Dashboard - Now You Know Which Blogging Site to Choose :)
WordPress DashBoard

One of the easiest ways to add content to a WordPress blog site is through the use of pages. These can be any length and can contain anything from text to audio and video. Once created, links to the pages appear in the top navigation bar and “Pages” widget on the sidebar. The order of these pages on the menu can be customized by the author. New WordPress users might be confused as to the difference between posts and pages. However, both types of content are listed in reverse chronological order. They can also be tagged and categorized, if desired.

WordPress allows users to customize the look and feel of their blog. They can also set time zones and enable pingbacks and trackbacks. Both of these options notify users of other blogs that link to them. However, most pingbacks are spam. In addition to the settings you can customize, WordPress allows you to install thousands of plugins to help you run your blog more effectively. These plugins can be anything from analytics trackers to Yoast SEO.

Creating a custom theme is another way to customize your blog. WordPress provides a large selection of themes, both free and paid, and you can commission a designer to create one for you. You can also customize the appearance of your theme by adding widgets and menus. You can also make small adjustments under the Customize menu.

If you’re planning to duplicate your blog site in the future, you can export and import all your content by using the export/import function in WordPress. The export feature in WordPress is accessible from the Tools menu. When exporting your blog content, choose “All Content” from the drop-down menu.

To make sure your visitors can access your blog site, you need to change the settings on your website. For instance, permalinks on your WordPress blog site should be clean and readable. Changing them is simple. You should also change the permalink structure for your site. Changing the permalink structure is necessary to prevent spam. Spam is content that is not appropriate for your site. Spam is a common problem with blogs, and many companies use automatic spam to leave links to their sites.

Self-hosted WordPress

Self-hosted WordPress allows you to customize and add new functionality to your website. The only limit is your hosting plan, and you can add any theme or plugin you like. You can even use custom code, add advertisements, or bulk upload information. While this method has its drawbacks, it also gives you full control over your site.

When deciding whether to use a hosted service or a self-hosted solution, it’s important to know what you’ll need. Hosting services provide 24/7 support, but they’re not the only option. There are many advantages and disadvantages to both. Self-hosted WordPress allows you to save money and maintain complete control over your site. You can also use a service like WordPress VIP to manage your website for you.

Using a free service is also a good option if you want to customize your site. Plugins are free and allow you to add them to your website. Keeping your plugins up to date is important, as outdated versions can affect your website’s security and functionality. You can also choose to install free themes if you want to get started on a new project.

Self-hosted WordPress has a learning curve, but it’s a very gentle one. This means that you can easily learn to use the software and customize it to your needs. You’ll also have complete control over WordPress themes, plugins, and scripts. And you’ll be able to create a custom theme to add a little flair to your site.

While self-hosted WordPress is an excellent option for small business owners, it is not the best choice for organizations that operate on a global scale. Without the assistance of an expert, self-hosting can be a daunting task. Moreover, it can be risky if you’re not an expert.


Tumblr is a micro-blogging site and social network founded in 2007 by American David Karp. It is owned by Automattic and allows users to post and follow other people’s blogs. You can follow other people’s blogs or make your own. You can also choose to keep your posts private.

There are two main types of posts on Tumblr: link posts and photo posts. A link post allows users to share a URL with a title and a picture. A photo post can have individual photos or groups of pictures. There are several ways to arrange these images on Tumblr. Tumblr also allows users to upload videos. You can embed videos from other websites, or you can upload your own video. You can also post audio. Most audio posts are music, but you can also record yourself speaking and upload it to your Tumblr account.

Another great benefit to using Tumblr is its privacy. You don’t need a large audience to post content on Tumblr. Unlike other social networking sites, Tumblr users don’t want their posts to be seen by a lot of people. For many people, Tumblr is a safe haven, as it offers privacy and support and a space to express yourself.

Tumblr was founded in 2007 in New York City, and today is a global network of millions of user-generated personal sites. You can post original content, share photos, videos, and links, and even follow other people’s posts. You can also subscribe to other people’s pages, leave notes, “like” other posts, and reply to others.

Creating a Tumblr account is easy. It’s as easy as using e-mail. First, you’ll need to sign up for an account by providing your e-mail address. Next, you’ll need to choose a user name. It doesn’t have to be your own; it’s okay to use a nickname for yourself. Once you have your username, you can start creating content.

Users can report other users’ posts on Tumblr if they believe it violates their terms of service. Clicking the ‘Report’ button will bring up a menu of reasons for reporting the user. You can also choose to block a particular user. Tumblr will review the matter and take appropriate action if there’s a breach of its terms of use.