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David Walsh Blog

David Walsh is a software engineer, web developer, and technical author. He works for Mozilla as a senior web developer and is a frequent conference speaker. He also writes technical articles and runs a popular blog, David Walsh. His work includes the core development of the MooTools JavaScript Framework and several plugins. He also founded two companies, Script &Style and Wynq Web Labs.

Moorilla Museum of Antiquities

A millionaire from Tasmania has turned his property into a museum of antiquities. He bought the property in 1995 and opened a museum, the Moorilla Museum of Antiquities.

The museum closed in 2006 for $75 million renovations but reopened on 21 January 2011 as part of the third MOFO festival. In a special evening event, 2,500 members of the public were randomly chosen to experience the museum. The event featured performances by Wire, Health, and The Cruel Sea.

The museum’s collection stands independently, but Walsh wanted to enhance visitors’ experience. He created an elaborate electronic guide that contains his thoughts on different works. Visitors can rate these artworks and give feedback on their value. The O also provides information about MONA’s collections.

MONA is accessible by ferry from the Brooke Street Pier in Hobart. The museum is located within the Moorilla Winery, including a restaurant, brewery, and boutique hotel accommodations. The museum’s building is a three-level structure built into the cliffs.

The Museum of Old and New Art is a stunning architectural building in Moorilla Winery. Its fusion of ancient and contemporary art is a striking contrast that transforms how viewers experience artworks. The museum’s creator, David Walsh, is a wealthy entrepreneur who grew up with a keen interest in antiquities.

The David Walsh Museum houses more than 1,900 works of art. It is Australia’s largest privately funded museum. The collection features a diverse range of art tied together by themes of death and sex. Some notable pieces in the museum include the mummy of Ta-Sheret-Min and the ‘Cloaca’ series of vessels created by Belgian artist Wilm Devoy.

The museum also features the Moorilla Winery and MooBrew Brewing. Visitors can sample fine Tasmanian wine and beer while visiting the museum.

TestDriven Labs

TestDriven Labs was founded by Michael McLaughlin, a software developer specializing in test-driven development and microservices on AWS. He previously co-founded Real Python and was part of a three-person team at Galvanize. His interests range from natural human interfaces to scalable system architectures. He blogs about the world of programming.