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Blog Sites Examples

Take your look at greatest blog sites examples. When you want to design a blog, you must think about the type of content you want to feature. A blog that is well organized has curated lists and categories, which can make the user experience easier to navigate. A blog like Tasha and Joseph’s One Big Happy Life is a great example.

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If you’re a photographer who loves sharing your work, you might want to check out Humans of New York (HONY), a photography blog that’s become incredibly popular in the last few years. This site is an interesting take on photography that chronicles the lives of everyday people, such as office workers, college students, and even burlesque dancers. It also takes the user experience very seriously. Unlike many photography blogs, HONY lets you choose what kind of photos you want to see and which categories you want to see.

The site features hundreds of photographs that document everyday life in New York City. Many of these images are accompanied by stories. The pictures often contain images of street life and local events, and are meant to be inspirational, as they show how people face everyday challenges. HONY has over two million followers, and the site is becoming one of the most popular places on the web.

The Woks of Life

The Woks of Life is a book about Chinese cooking that de-mystifies the complicated process and makes it accessible to everyone. With recipes, useful tips, and a rundown of the Chinese pantry, this cookbook is an excellent guide to Chinese cuisine. It also offers insight into game-changing secrets of Chinese cooking, such as the velveting process, which renders meat extra tender and juicy.

Founded by a family of chefs, The Woks of Life follows three generations of chefs who are passionate about food and cooking. Bill, the founder, worked in the family restaurant as a child and he shares photos of his grandmother making preserves. Kaitlin writes about home-made chili oil, and Sarah manages the business side of the blog.

While the Leung family may have been united by a love of cooking and a shared heritage, the Leungs’ journey began as a project in their teenage years. It quickly grew into an online community, and the blog became an outlet for the family to experiment with different traditional Chinese recipes. In addition to sharing recipes, the family created a forum where members could discuss the culinary styles of their families.

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Just One Cookbook

Just One Cookbook is a great example of a recipe blog site that uses well-designed icons to inform readers about allergens. The site is run by a Japanese food blogger named Nami and focuses on Japanese cuisine. It uses a grid layout and clever design elements to keep visitors informed.

The site offers step-by-step instructions for Japanese cooking. It has won awards such as the 2017 SAVEUR Blog Awards for Best Food Video, and has been featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, and Japan Times. The site features many traditional Japanese recipes as well as more modern options. It also includes cultural guides about Japan.


Deadspin is a well-known sports journalism site that has been dormant since Tuesday. The site has been hit with controversy over several articles and has lost a significant chunk of its staff. The company recently reverted its decision to abandon the commenting platform Kinja and is now looking for a new editor in chief. The site was founded in 2005 and has since branched into a variety of coverage areas.

Deadspin features a wide variety of content, from sports news and opinion pieces to discussion of current events. The site also covers video games, retro video games, and more. Fans can find information on all the major sports and fantasy leagues. Deadspin is the ultimate sports blog, and its users love it.

While Deadspin is a wildly popular platform for bloggers, there are some notable differences. First, the site’s audience is diverse. This means it is a good place to build a blog if you’re not into sports. Another unique aspect of Deadspin is that it doesn’t depend on outside investors or online advertising. It also doesn’t rely on massive traffic spikes to survive.

Deadspin is a renowned sports blog that averages over 10 million page views monthly. The site is well known for its irreverent and snarky reporting. It has been known to break major stories, such as the story about Mark McGwire’s book. The site is also known for calling out major sports personalities and TV announcers.

Deadspin’s mission statement is to point out the injustices in the sports media industry. It competes with Sports Illustrated, SB Nation, and FanSided for readership and ad placement. Its writers consider the wages of rival media unsavory, so they differentiate themselves through their writing. There are several other ways Deadspin differs from other sports publications. The most prominent example is that it calls out the injustices within the media industry.

Microsoft Stories

We’ve totally gushed over Microsoft’s “Stories”. We can’t help it. What better way to revitalize an old-school brand than with a blog that roasts beautiful, interactive, and inspiring branded content? Plus, the square layout of these stories is reminiscent of the Microsoft logo, which achieves a valuable brand consistency.

Microsoft Stories can be a prime example of how a business blog can be an asset for an overall rebrand. Microsoft has worked to humanize its brand, largely in response to a rivarly with Apple. The “Stories” microsite has a simple tagline — It’s the softer side of Microsoft, so to speak.